We work for you, not your insurer

Trying to salvage damaged contents, arrange building repairs, provide stability for yourself and your family and possibly arrange alternative accommodation can be a huge burden.

Add to this handling an insurance claim, the dreaded task of obtaining estimates from contractors and listing plus pricing damaged contents, as well as trying to continue with your life and general day to day routine. It can become an impossible task for most.

As an established firm of professional Claims Consultants, we head up a team from the start to look after you and your family. This could include Surveyors, Building Contractors and Specialist Restoration Cleaners.

In the event of an insurance claim there is a lot to organise from the offset. Should the unthinkable happen, let us take some of the pressure away for you. Don’t let a claim become a crisis.

We are the UKs leading firm of Loss Assessors. No other Claims Consultants in the country have such technical expertise. Let us look after YOU. We help restore and repair your home in a friendly, supportive, prompt and professional way.

Our Expertise

We have a highly trained fire damage management team that use specialist services and extensive practices ensuring complete restoration of all fabrics and surfaces.

Our technicians come with the most advanced technology so we can offer the most effective fire damage clean for our clients.

Our experience and expertise allows us to identify and implement the safest and most effective techniques along with the latest chemical advances to achieve quality results quickly to remove soot odour and particulate contamination.

We reduce the potential for any secondary fire damage

Our procedures ensure quality fire damage repairs

We use the most effective techniques of fire damage clean

Perform complete restoration of your premises to its pre-damage state

Fully guaranteed repair work done by our network of professional tradesmen
We're proud to have help helped lots of homeowners, landlords and business owners over the years. Successfully managing their insurance claims to get them the best possible outcome.
  • Terry Dutton - Sheffield
    "Speed our claim up Definitely YES Recommend YES We’re glad because it relieved so much stress still was very stressful times but would have been lots worse without Allan’s help and knowledge of how to deal with insurance companies The work done was excellent and we were pleased with all aspects of it Correspondence was prompt and professional with good explanations of all the jargon"        
    Terry Dutton - Sheffield
  • June Woodfield - Cambridge
    "We were very pleased with Brooklyn Claims. Allan Armer was always very professional, polite and helpful. Nothing was ever too much trouble. We were always pleased to have chosen them. Settlement of our claim was done to our satisfaction. I can't speak highly enough of your company. It was a pleasure to deal with them. Brookland Claims did speed things up and took a lot of worry off our shoulders. I would recommend them. Best regards"
    June Woodfield - Cambridge
  • Stuart & Lynda Hall - Peterborough
    "The day after we suffered a small fire in our shower room we were visited by David Rawstron from your company who explained our best way forward in making a claim and explained how Brooklyn could help us to deal with the claim we would be making from our insurance company. We agreed to use him as our go between and are very pleased that we did. What in our eyes was a small fire turned out to be quite major in the smoke damage through the upstairs of our house. David took control of the situation pointing us in the right direction and explaining our rights. Our insurance company certainly dragged their heels and without David I doubt we would have sorted the problems out as quickly as we did (it did still take about 5 month from fire to conclusion) Having an independent person working on our behalf I felt confident that we were getting a fair reimbursement for the damage caused. It is not easy on your own to realise what had been damaged as a state of shock exists and there are many minefields to navigate. David worked extremely hard to get the matter sorted as quickly as possible (though I was probably a bit of a pain 😂) and kept us informed as to what at was happening . I would highly recommend Brooklyn claims as having independent assessors is, in my opinion, vital and certainly provided us with the best outcome we could expect. Please thank David on my behalf and give him my apologies for being a bit of a pain at times! Would certainly recommend Brooklyn claims to anyone experiencing a similar situation."
    Stuart & Lynda Hall - Peterborough
  • Jane Higgins - Knutsford
    "Brooklin claims were very helpful in the aftermath of the fire in our garage roof. After never having had to make a claim it can be very confusing to work your way through the ‘legal speak’ that insurers use.  John and his colleagues went through every step of the way and explained everything thoroughly and in an understandable manner.  We would like to thank them very much for their hard work."    
    Jane Higgins - Knutsford
  • Jeff Scott - Preston
    "When I was approached by David Flatley following a fire at a rental property that I owned my instinct told me to be wary. Any worries that I had were unfounded. He guided me very professionally through the initial stages of my insurance claim and then passed me over to Paul Woodall who dealt with the mechanics of it. They were both excellent. All the worry of the situation was taken from me from the start to a very acceptable conclusion. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Brooklin Claims Consultants. Jeff Scott"
    Jeff Scott - Preston
  • Frances Hartley - Tewskbsury
    "We would wholly recommend Brooklin Claim Consultants to anyone. The support and service we received has been immeasurable, from the complete shock of having a car crash into the house, we were extremely fortunate that Mark from Brooklin came to visit us the day after the accident, we had a really good talk, We looked at the Brooklin website, read the reviews and knew instantly that we wanted Brooklin on our side. We were even more fortunate to have Allan assigned to our case, our insurance company were completely hopeless and totally unprofessional at every stage of the claim process, Allan was so professional, diligent and patient, he’s been an absolute rock, we are truly grateful to have had Allan and Brooklin working on our case. We have been really happy with the Contractors that Allan recommended".              
    Frances Hartley - Tewskbsury
  • Jim Jones - Shropshire
    "We feel that brooklin claims sped the whole claim along and my nan didn't have to worry about anything regarding the insurance claim. The works done on the bungalow was great a few problems with communication with the contractors. All the correspondence were answered professionally and promptly. We would recommend Brooklin Claims to family and friends."
    Jim Jones - Shropshire
  • Sue Lord - York
    "The morning after our roof fire last year there was a knock on the door and a representative from Brooklin was there. We were sceptical to deal with the company, but researched them and decided that we couldn’t cope with the stress of dealing with a big claim from Aviva. We were not disappointed. The company dealt with our claim both professionally and to a high standard. We would recommend this company to anyone in a similar situation!"
    Sue Lord - York
  • David Brocklehurst - Wingerworth
    "Had a very frightening house fire which we reported to our insurance company, who said they would appoint a Loss Adjuster. Fortunately for us, the next morning David from Brooklin Claims arrived on our doorstep, expressed his sympathies & introduced himself as being from a firm of Loss ASSESSORS and explained how they differed from Loss ADSJUSTERS. The particular point I soon appreciated is that the latter work for the insurance company to get the claim as low as possible, whereas Loss Assessors work for the claimant to ensure that they get the maximum compensation possible. What also impressed me was that Brooklin don’t charge us but get paid commissions by the contractors they appoint to do whatever work is necessary. Davd then offered to “go and get a coffee” whilst we checked out both these points and Brooklin Claims online, which we then did via a neighbour’s laptop, after which we phoned David & asked him to return so we could ‘sign up’. Within 24 hours we were contacted by Allan who arranged to come and see us. After that, we just left everything to him and always found him extremely supportive and willing to help with whatever was on our minds. Quite honestly I don’t know how we would have coped without him. A few months later a friend also had a house fire and – like us – was only aware of Loss Adjusters. I recommended Brooklin Claims, gave him Allan’s phone number and he did the same for him. We will always be grateful that David rang our doorbell that morning and will always pass on our recommendation to use Brooklin Claims if ever the opportunity should arise again. Best wishes - David"
    David Brocklehurst - Wingerworth
  • Mr Eric Joseph Rawcliffe - Poulton-le-Fylde
    "I haven't had to go through the process of an insurance claim of this kind before, not knowing where to start was daunting. I am very grateful for the services Brooklin Claims supplied. Paul who delt with my insurance claim was very professional, he was great from start to finish he kept me informed every step of the way. I would certainly recommend Brooklin going forward".
    Mr Eric Joseph Rawcliffe - Poulton-le-Fylde
  • Beth Hay - Cleethorpes
    "After a devastating house fire last year we were contacted by David at Brooklin and we are so pleased we chose them to handle our claim. David was very knowledgeable, understanding and always at the other end of the phone should we need anything, or to provide an update on the progress of our claim. The company dealt with everything for us which made a really stressful situation more manageable, we cannot thank you enough! We would not hesitate to use Brooklin Claims again (hopefully we won’t need to!) and would recommend them to anyone in need".
    Beth Hay - Cleethorpes
  • Joe Sharman - Lincolnshire
    "After an unfortunate event I was contacted by Brooklyn. I arranged to meet David who was extremely pleasant and helpful.
    I am so pleased to have decided to let Brooklyn handle the claim.
    Communication was exceptional throughout the whole process, which unfortunately was a long, due to no fault of Brooklyn.
    They made all the issues that extended the claim simple to understand.
    They always chased up anything that was asked of them with a prompt urgency
    They were empathetic, and always got done what needed to be done and kept all informed ever single step of the way.
    It often felt like we were the only people that mattered. It was often hard to believe there were other customers all getting the same treatment.
    Brooklyn should be very proud of their service.
    Very highly recommend.
    5 ⭐ all the way. Thank you!"
    Before & After Photos
    Joe Sharman - Lincolnshire
  • Mr Scarth - Dewsbury
    "I have no experience of making a claim and I don't want another but I believe it went well based on some stories I have heard. they kept me well informed and everything was made clear during every step of the claim. I had a couple of minor issues along the way but in general the reinstatement works carried out were to my expectations and I am happy with the building contractors. I was always kept in the loop on everything, great service. I would recommend Brooklin Claim Consultants to anybody, not just friends and family. Many thanks to everyone, especially to Allan Armer"
    Before & After Photos
    Mr Scarth - Dewsbury
  • Mr McGill on behalf of Mr & Mrs Winder - Carnforth
    "We are confident that without Brooklin support and help we could not have navigated the minefield of the claim. I most certainly would recommend to anyone who is in a similar situation. David who handled our claim made us feel he was on our side and we are sure he did his very best for us. The contractors were ok but took a longer time than we hoped for and were not always on site as promised. But a good final outcome. David kept us fully informed and was professional at all times." Regards Neil & Lorraine
    Mr McGill on behalf of Mr & Mrs Winder - Carnforth
  • Nikki (Kulvinder Dev) – Leeds
    “Brooklins (Allan Armer and David Flatley) was a godsend, a great intermediary between myself and insurers, the support and responsiveness was on-point. A real safe pair of hands, making me feel safe as a consumer and navigate the insurance logistics. Open communications and always on hand to clarify next steps and action required, no question was a silly question. Appreciated the approach, provided peace of mind and kept me updated on progress. 100% without a doubt I would recommend Brooklin - they took away the uncertainty and pain. Someone who knows how to manage and navigate this minefield of managing a fire claim, kept me updated on process. I was grateful for their steer and navigating me through to completing the claim and a successful outcome. They fielded all my queries quickly, enabling insight to my obligation and what action was required. Importantly they were always available, never made to feel like a nuisance, when I needed assurance or updates on progress. Reinstatement work was carried over and above expectations (this never happens, I one of those clients who is picky and knows what the want to see). The communications and appointment were scheduled in advanced, punctual, fully prepared, kept informed and the contractor who completed the work, mirrored Brooklins professionalism and care. It was a seamless experience. Brooklins are really good at what they do, with awesome client care and contact. The TEAM was always responsiveness and pro-active, building trust and confidence, as I say " a safe pair of hands ". So glad I met David Flatley and Allan Armer loved the transparency, clarity, open conversation, expertly managing expectations, queries. A BIG Thank YOU”.
    Nikki (Kulvinder Dev) – Leeds
  • Mr Dellar - Cambridge
    “I feel extremely satisfied with the services received by Brooklin Claims Consultants. All parties from the company who helped with my claim were always contactable, approachable and made sure I was always kept up to date with all works. I feel they could not have done a better job! The workmanship received was outstanding, very tidy and done to the upmost professional standard. I would certainly recommend Brooklin Claims Consultants going forward and if in the unfortunate event of needing to process a claim in the future I would most definitely be happy to use them again!”  
    Mr Dellar - Cambridge
  • Mrs Doherty (Bradford)
    Brooklin Claims have been amazing!  They helped and supported me throughout my whole ordeal. I couldn’t have got through without them. I would definitely recommend Brooklin Claims … once again a million thank you!!
    Mrs Doherty (Bradford)
  • Mrs Weatherill - Crewe, Cheshire
    In the first instance I was approached by David the day after I had a fire at a rental property, which at that time I was unaware of!  David informed me what the services were and if I would consider using them. I gave this due consideration, and the following day I agreed for Brooklin to act on my behalf. I then met David at the house in question, together with Allan Armer who was taking over this Claim on behalf of the company, and also on my behalf. On all occasions I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect and professionalism. Shortly afterwards I met again with ‘the team’, and Allan, who took me through the schedule of works to be carried out, and within the constraints of the insurance cover. Allan kept me updated regularly via email or phone throughout the whole process and  his meetings with the Insurance Company -  from beginning to end, in a very professional manner, giving time and effort to my many queries, and this took the stress away from me.  I am most grateful to him for the way he has organised the process on my behalf, and I am sure I could never have achieved what he has.   I am so delighted with the end result.  He battled with the insurance company over rental loss payment, but I eventually came to the conclusion that nothing would be forthcoming until sign off!  I await now for this last part to be finalised! The building works have been  completed to a good standard and they too kept me informed along the way and it was a pleasure to work with them. Thank you for the wonderful service from beginning to end! I would have no hesitation in recommending your company should I ever receive an enquiry. I have only good things to say! Kind regards, and THANKS!!!! Mrs Weatherill
    Mrs Weatherill - Crewe, Cheshire
  • Fiona Pearcy - Northumberland
    I am about to sum up my experience with yourself and Brooklin Claims, which was a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air compared to my dealings with my insurance company, so here it is. Considering I had never heard of a loss assessor before, I was a bit apprehensive about using one, I am only too pleased I chose Brooklin Claims Consultants, to manage my claim. Jonathan was constantly by my side to answer all my questions, it was reassuring to have such a nice honest, genuine person, who made me feel comfortable at all times, put a lot of time and effort into my claim, for which I am truly grateful.Jonathan exceeded my expectations, and turned the negative experience I had with my insurers, into a positive outcome. The building work was completed to a high standard and the builders were a pleasure to work with. Thank you all for the excellent service you gave me from start to finish. I do appreciate all of it.    
    Fiona Pearcy - Northumberland
  • Hamira Ahmed - Burton on Trent
    I have had great service from Brooklin claims.   Jonathan was the most polite and professional members of staff and always responded to emails or any questions I had about my claim promptly, he is a real asset to Brooklin and worked very hard on my claim.   He was very helpful throughout which made the whole experience a lot easier.   David who took over from Jonathan due to him being furloughed was also very helpful with dealing with any issues I had.  
    Hamira Ahmed - Burton on Trent
    Burton on Trent
  • Susannah Gilson - Ross On Wye
    I feel Brooklin Claims helped to speed up my insurance claim and get it settled as promptly as they could.

    It was not an easy claim for Brooklin to be involved with but it was dealt with as efficiently as was possible under the circumstances, and I was kept updated regularly along the way. I would absolutely recommend Brooklin Claims Consultants to friends and family. Everyone I had dealings with at the company were brilliant, Fiona, Paul and Dermot, thank you for all your help! I would also mention Allan, who dealt with the situation with empathy and care.

    I am glad I chose Brooklin Claims to deal with my insurance claim as having the extra support at such a difficult time was invaluable. They answered all correspondence professionally and pro-actively, the whole way through the process.

    Best wishes Susi
    Susannah Gilson - Ross On Wye
    Sandringham, Ross on Wye
  • Leslie Farmer
    I do feel that Brooklin Claims did speed up our claim significantly. I would recommend Brooklin Claims to friends and business associates. I personally would not known which channel to go down, with respects to the Insurance claim, due to this being the first time we have ever made a claim regarding fire damage.You did answer all correspondence professionally and quickly. A member of your staff Jonathan was very helpful and got us the best settlement possible with respects to the insurance company . Also Jonathan kept in regular contact with us with respects to things moving forward. Also Alan was very helpful as he made many visits to Oban Drive and made sure the work was done at a high standard. If we ever have any problems in the future, which I hope we don't have we will definitely be using Brooklin Claims again.
    Leslie Farmer
  • Mr Grainger
    I just want to say a big thank you to everyone at Brooklin Claims without your help i honestly don't know how i would of coped. After the fire i was at an all time low but after David contacted me he took a huge amount of pressure off. I would never of known where to start but he conveyed with all relevant parties and was a huge help.

    I would also like to thank Paul who has been brilliant and wouldn't give in even though at times i thought i would never succeed. Paul always gave me hope and was great to deal with as was Fiona who was always very pleasant and professional.

    I must admit at times i was really struggling but they were always there and were a massive help. I know without you i could never of won this claim and would of been in big trouble financially which with 2 young boys is the last thing i needed. The work you do is amazing and i can't thank you enough.

    Keep up the good work. Many Thanks.
    Mr Grainger
    Middleton, Manchester
  • Mr Darren Russell
    I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for everything you have done throughout the past year, I know that it would have been very stressful and difficult for me to have tried to get through this on my own and I very much doubt the outcome would have been successful. I am truly grateful for all the help and advice you provided and the warm, friendly and sympathetic nature with which you handled it. I know it was an unusually long and difficult case but you have stayed on top of it and kept me very well informed along the way, I can't recall one single moment in which I was unaware of how the claim was progressing and for that I am truly thankful. You have made what could have been a very traumatic time relatively pain free thanks to the friendly and professional way you have handled this matter. I could not recommend you company highly enough. With sincere Thanks
    Mr Darren Russell
  • Ms Beverley Middleton
    I just want to say thanks to yourself and also to Sue for all your help over the past few months, it hasn’t been easy at times but we have eventually got there and I do appreciate both your times and effort. Many Thanks.
    Ms Beverley Middleton
  • Mr Nick Mascellani
    We signed off the house today, and bar a bit of tidying up, it look absolutely fantastic. When you told me way back in January that we would be moving back into a show home, it was hard to imagine, I have to be honest! But it is exactly as you promised. So now its all complete I wanted to tell you what a fantastic job everybody involved has done, including yourself, Ian and Henry, and also everyone at Brooklin Claims and Kings that I have dealt with along the way. As you know I was quite stressed for a while at the beginning of the proceedings and I genuinely appreciate your honesty and flexibility in helping me through it all. I have already recommended Brooklin to an acquaintance who is struggling with a fire claim and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you next time, and every time, I am asked in the future. Thanks so much for everything, it was a huge weight of my mind knowing I had someone to handle the intricacies of a major insurance claim. Please feel free to pass this on to your colleague to use as a testimonial, I seem to have mislaid the email address unsurprisingly. Kindest regards, Nick, Kate, Anella and Poppy.
    Mr Nick Mascellani
    Stratford Upon Avon
  • Mr Jonathan Rhodes
    Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help with the claim. I am pretty sure I would not have been able to deal with the business interruption issues we faced without you. You have been great and I won’t hesitate to use you in the future with my other properties.
    Mr Jonathan Rhodes
  • Mr Dave Stanton
    Pete has advised that all works were completed Tuesday therefore I’m happy to sign off. Please accept my sign off and I would like to thank you for a tremendous job done by all. So grateful through unfortunate circumstances to have enjoyed the excellent services by all your team and everyone involved. We can’t thank you enough.
    Mr Dave Stanton