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Storm Damage Management

Have you suffered storm damage following adverse weather? We understand that it can be very traumatic when you have damage at home following a storm. When you have storm damage, Brooklin are here to help you quickly and efficiently.

We have a team of well trained storm damage repair professionals who have already helped thousands of people to get back on track over the past few decades.



We offer the most complete storm damage restoration services in the UK and employ the services of specialist surveyors and professional building contractors to ensure your home is repaired to the highest standards.

Call our storm damage repairs team now if you wish to make a storm damage claim or visit our Claims Management page.

We Will Do It All for You…

During such a traumatic time, we will take the burden away and relieve the stress and anxiety; so you can get on with putting your home life back in order.

We use storm damage experts who can ensure your home is quickly and efficiently made structurally safe, before setting about repairing your home.

Why use Brooklin Claims Consultants?

Often after a major insurance loss such as storm damage, your insurance company appoints a loss adjuster to scrutinize the claim you wish to make. It is worth bearing in mind that the insurance company adjuster is not legally obliged to offer you any help.

The adjuster is a professional and works for the benefit of the insurance company and not you! Likewise you should have a professional to act on your behalf.

Please visit our Claims Management UK page for more information on storm damage claim management.

So…What Happens Next..?

Please contact us immediately for a free consultation about storm damage restoration. Complete our online enquiry form at the bottom of this page or for urgent assistance call us directly on
0800 592 144

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