Insurance Claim Management by Brooklin Claims Consultants

We at Brooklin are an FCA authorised, independent Claims Consultants, to help you, the insured home minimise disruption to your home life after a major loss such as fire & flood.

In the event of an insured loss, your management and staff would be pushed into unknown territory and uncertain times. We would ‘head-up’ a team of professionals, which will include surveyors, building contractors and specialists cleaners, all working to obtain the maximum settlement within the terms of your insurance policy, whilst bringing peace of mind during the management of your claim and allowing you to concentrate on the recovery of your losses.

Total Claims Management - How do we do this?

After a major insurance loss such as fire and flood, your insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster to handle your building and contents claim.

The insurance company adjuster will investigate, scrutinise and adjust any claim you wish to make. It is worth bearing in mind that the insurance company adjuster is not legally obliged to offer any help to you the policy holder.

The adjuster is a professional and works for the benefit of the insurance company and not you..! Likewise you should have Brooklin's professionals to act on your behalf.

During this confusing and often traumatic time the insurance company adjuster will ask you to obtain all the paperwork and estimates for them as below:

  • The surveyors quotes and estimates
  • The builders quotes and estimates… you will need 3 of those..! and
  • Restoration quotes... to name just a few

All very time consuming and often prolonging the whole process of repairing your home.

Obviously, you do not want this to happen…

By allowing Brooklin Claims Consultants to handle all the professionals on your behalf, you won’t have to…!

Why Brooklin Claims Consultants?

It is usual and important that you instruct an FCA authorised independent insurance claims assessor for your home interruption, building and/ or contents claim.

Brooklin are hands on with specialist calculation of a business interruption insurance claim, such as loss of profit and increased cost of working using expert forensic and consequential loss accounts.

We also negotiate interim payments to cover home emergency costs such as alternative accommodation.

To recap, our service is designed to help you, where possible, carry on with your home life and trading during this uncertain time, ensuring that supplies and services continue to reach your customers.

Need to make an Insurance Claim?

Contact Brooklin for an immediate insurance claims management advice. Complete our online enquiry form at the bottom of this page or for urgent assistance call us directly on
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