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Have you suffered flood or commercial water damage? We understand that it is very traumatic when you have a major flood at your business. When you’ve had a flood Brooklin Claims Consultants are here to help you quickly and efficiently.

We have a team of well trained commercial water damage restoration professionals and have already helped thousands of businesses to get back on track.

Life Threatening Problems Associated With Commercial Water / Flood Damage

Did you know... when fire or flood damages your property, besides the immediate problems that occur, there are also subsequent problems that could impact your health!

If you do not use a commercial water damage management specialist immediately or if you do not choose a trustworthy commercial water damage management service, the entire structure of your business can be at risk.

Contaminated water ruins the interior of your business premises, and knowing where to start can be very daunting.

We Will Do It All for You…

During such a traumatic time, we will take the burden away and relieve the stress and anxiety; so you can get on with putting your business back in order.

We use flood management experts who can ensure your business premises are quickly and efficiently dried using advanced drying technology. Our commercial flood restoration experts react quickly to assist in getting your property back on the road to recovery.

Why use Brooklin Claims Consultants?

Often after a major insurance loss such as water or flood damage, your insurance company appoints a loss adjuster to scrutinize the claim you wish to make. It is worth bearing in mind that the insurance company adjuster is not legally obliged to offer any help to you, the policy holder.

The adjuster is a professional and works for the benefit of the insurance company and not you! Likewise YOU should have a professional to act on your behalf.

Call our commercial flood damage repairs team now on 0800 592 144 and they will reach you in no time. For essential information regarding a commercial flood damage claim, please visit our Commercial Claims Management page.

So…What Happens Next..?

Please contact us immediately for a free consultation about commercial water damage restoration. Complete our online enquiry form at the bottom of this page or for urgent assistance call us directly on
0800 592 144

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The insurance company adjuster is a professional and works for the benefit of the insurance company and not you..! Likewise you should have Brooklin Claims Consultants to act on your behalf.

During this confusing and often traumatic time the commercial insurance company adjuster will ask you to obtain all the paperwork and estimates for them.

All very time consuming and often prolonging the whole process.

Obviously, you do not want this to happen…

By allowing Brooklin to handle all the professionals on your behalf, you won’t have to…!