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How Can Brooklin Help You?

After you have suffered fire, flood or other major loss, we minimise disruption to your business and take away the burden of dealing with the insurance company.

Our service is designed to help you, where possible, carry on trading during this uncertain time, ensuring that supplies and services continue to reach your clients and customers.

  • Negotiation of interim payments to cover emergency costs, such as restocking, replacement plant, computers and staff wages.
  • Specialist calculation of business interruption claim, such as loss of profit and increased cost of working, using expert forensic and consequential loss accounts.
We also
  • Deal with all the professionals on your behalf, the Insurance Company, the adjuster, the surveyors, the cleaning companies, the restoration and the builders
  • Organise specialist commercial fire and flood restoration work and emergency repairs
  • Ensure all building work is carried out to the highest standards
  • Do a full assessment of your contents claim including an enhanced settlement!
  • Negotiate the type of settlement you want – reinstatement, cash or loss of value
  • And you get pro-active crisis management by an FCA authorised professional loss assessing firm… Brooklin.

The Commercial Insurance claim process, particularly for larger losses, is complicated and involves different areas of expertise. Brooklin Claims Consultants have the required Expertise in their team with built on more than 100 years of claims and restoration Experience.

As well as former commercial insurance company loss adjusters, we have the most experienced and dedicated team of financial services approved loss assessors.

This ensures your claim is handled professionally and with the minimum amount of fuss.

That means… we at Brooklin Claims Consultants will do everything for you and give your commercial insurance claim much greater credibility, but more importantly we will take the burden away and relieve the stress and anxiety, so you can get on with putting your business back in order.

How do we do this?

After a major insurance loss such as fire and flood, your insurance company will appoint a commercial loss adjuster to handle your building and contents claim.

The insurance company adjuster will investigate, scrutinise and adjust any claim you wish to make. It is worth bearing in mind that the insurance company adjuster is not legally obliged to offer any help to you the policy holder.

During such a traumatic time, we will take the burden away and relieve the stress and anxiety; so you can get on with putting your business back in order.

We act on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company to assess the true worth and value of your claim.

In the vast majority of cases we achieve a far higher settlement for our clients than they would on their own, often up to 30 to 40% more.

So… What happens next…?

We look forward to helping you…

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The insurance company adjuster is a professional and works for the benefit of the insurance company and not you..! Likewise you should have Brooklin Claims Consultants to act on your behalf.

During this confusing and often traumatic time the commercial insurance company adjuster will ask you to obtain all the paperwork and estimates for them.

All very time consuming and often prolonging the whole process.

Obviously, you do not want this to happen…

By allowing Brooklin to handle all the professionals on your behalf, you won’t have to…!

We… Will do it all for you

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